Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New town, new name.

As of tomorrow, Friday officially, we will be in our new place. Our downstairs neighbor is covered in gang tattoos and they have 3 pits-- one that he told us is vicious. Apparently only to other dogs but still.. I don't want anyone touching my kid OR my dog. Rad.

Swim lessons: went okay. The first lesson, they made me dunk her. She handled it better than I thought she would- and by that I mean she didn't inhale, gag, and puke up pool water. The trick is to dunk them all the way because if they can see air that's when they inhale... Who knew? Second class Saturday... hopefully it will be a little better.

Sophia got her first tooth!! Of course, one of the bottom ones. She handled that well too. Little bit of a fever and VERY clingy. I was prepared for the poops, drool, finicky eating.. none of that. Lucky me!

No other big news as of yet. Things are getting busy though!
She is 10 months now!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swim Class

was alright. The pool was like 82 degrees. Nice.

Sophia did well, she doesn't like to kick when lying on her back in the water. She likes to do what they call Kangaroo hop through the water-- they made me put her underwater. She did pretty well, I think it was more traumatic for me than her but we made it through.

More next week.