Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It really puts a wrench in my chain when

people that didn't vote say stuff. I understand we're all allowed to have our own opinions but when it comes to the man that RUNS this country, and you chose not to place a vote for one or the other.... you really should watch what you say or just shut your mouth completely. There was a certain person I mentioned this to and s/he told me s/he didn't like either candidate therefore didn't place a vote. S/he didn't like their morals (okay, I understand this to a point), didn't like their religious views (isn't that why there's a separation of church and state?), didn't think either would impact the U.S. in a positive way (then why not pick the lesser of two evils?) and the list went on. Clearly I'm an Obama supporter- YES I VOTED FOR OBAMA. But by the same token, I clearly support his morals, ideals, plans, attempts (even the failed ones), and I fully support the fact that he sets religion aside and that in his first address as President that he listed believers, non believers and everyone in between. He tries to include EVERYBODY.
An open minded person with a solid plan is exactly who I want to front my country.

I don't know why that's been buggin me so bad lately. I see a lot of peoples statues and just comments in general that say things like "swing and miss Obama" and many other derogatory remarks as such and I'm thinking.... 1. there is a comma between miss and Obama. 2. Shut up! You didn't even vote so you don't have the right to bitch. Even had you voted for McCain/Palin I wouldn't be pitching such a fit. At least you voted and expressed your opinion and for that I commend each and every person that voted for McCain.

I'm freakin out today.

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  1. I completely agree with you, mam.
    ---- Jillian from waterford :)