Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swim away, swim away

I've decided to enroll Sophia and I in a parent child swim class. It will be good for me to get in the water and work off some of the extra baby weight I haven't been able to loose, and she loves the water. With my mom owning a pool, my dad having a huge fairly deep pond, and Travis' mom living on a lake..... more fitting reasons to do this. If, for whatever reason, she decides to plow into the water at any given time (which I plan to teach her not to), I want her to have a basic knowledge of what to do to keep herself afloat. Not to mention I don't know how to swim so it will be good for me too!

I think this is the first step to pulling myself out of this rut mentally and physically and it's a first step to teach Sophia a beneficial yet fun lesson.

I just need to find a bathing suit I feel comfortable in. HA! Maybe they'll let me use a wet suit.

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