Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We recently called our landlords about our closet because when you open the door you get punched in the face by a mold/mildew smell. He came over to look at it, said there was nothing wet (ok... obviously there is, mold needs wet to grow) and we are supposed to leave the door open for it to ventilate the closet. Yeah right!! I'm not opening that door so the entire house can fill with mold spores when I have a 9 month old in the house. Needless to say- they aren't going to do anything about it. It's our problem now.
We went to look at a new apartment today downtown Grand Rapids. It's on Crescent St. the two closest cross streets are College and Michigan. It's kind of a fixer upper but it's much better then what we have now! They said we could paint whatever we want, whatever colors (BONUS!) and we fully intend to. It will not only make it nice, but more home-ish. We've already paid for May here so if all goes to plan we can start painting early May and slowly move our stuff so that by June we'll be moved and settled all at the same time. Oh, how wonderful that would be! We are also setting Sophia's swim class in stone this weekend. I think it will be so, so good for her.

I will feel like a huge weight will be off my shoulders if we get this new place. I will be more able to job search as I won't have to plan a time to drive to Grand Rapids, I can just get up and.... go. We won't have to worry anymore about our daughters immediate health as there won't be any mold to deal with. I don't know. It feels like everything is finally falling into place. :)

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