Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where to begin?

July 11th, 2008- 1:41pm, I gave birth to a 9lb. 6oz., 23.5 inch long baby girl. After 28 hours and 41 minutes of labor... Sophia Lynne Hill had made her long awaited arrival!! Only one day late.

I read all the things moms post about what their children say, or things they do, and new accomplishments and milestones they've reached and I really can't wait to do that. Tomorrow Sophia will be 6 months and we're still working on the whole sitting thing. She's close... but no cigar.

Just before Christmas she looked up at me and said "Mmmmmmmmmmama" and was so proud of herself. I was so happy I smiled from ear to ear and just started bawling. I couldn't control it... didn't really care to either. Naturally- she hasn't said it since, but she sure does say "Dada" ALL THE TIME.

I know there are so many firsts still ahead and I can't wait to embrace them all the way I embraced her and her "Dada" the day she was born. I'm not rushing it though. I've worked with kids for almost 5 years at the daycare and I know how fast it goes by.

I guess really, I just needed a place to rest my thoughts and share our accomplishments and just... vent about life whether good, bad, or ugly.
So- welcome!

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