Friday, January 30, 2009

Nothing new but a "Milestone"

Our darling daughter has discovered her voice in full. Oh my goodness I don't know what to do. If the dog decides to play she screams. If the cat decides to show his face what so ever, she screams. If she sees herself in the mirror...... she screams. It's not the cute little baby screams anymore either. It's the high pitched, blood curdling, ear piercing so loud the neighbors can hear her behind closed doors kind of scream. It was funny at first but now.... I want to sell the animals and hide every mirror ever. And also break the glass in our bookshelf because she also sees herself in that and screams. It's pretty funny but also pretty painful.

Man. I love her.

Sometime before this summer I want to enroll her in a swim class. She LOVES bath time and screams when I take her out. She could care less about any bath toys she loves to splash and kick her feet. My mom has a pool and Travs mom lives on a lake so she'll be around water all the time. I just want her to know how to handle herself in the water-- even now, because I still don't know how to swim.

Outside of that nothing new. Trav's heart appointment is this Wednesday. Hopefully everything goes well!

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