Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just some laughs.

We took my ring to get it sized Friday, we got it back yesterday and it's still too big so I'm going to take it back tomorrow and hopefully they'll get it right. We both are pretty bummed but by the end of the week I'll have it on for good and it will fit.

I walked into a door. Left a pretty good bruise on my head.
Here's the story. Trav's mom has a hallway with a door way that goes down a pretty good set of stairs. Just recently she installed a door in that door way so her dog couldn't get downstairs to torture the cats and so Sophia couldn't fall down the stairs now that she's mobile. Well-- oddly enough (now that I'm thinking about it)-- getting a bit side tracked here-- Sophia hit her face on the door handle just after they installed the door, she had a nice bruise on her face for a couple days, like mother like daughter I suppose. Anyway, back to my noggin, we were walking up the stairs yesterday and the door was open. Well, when the door is open it doesn't open all the way to the wall it sticks out a couple of inches, I had my head turned talking to Travis on our way up and pop! Right into the door. It nailed me right where my ear connects to my head in the back and MAN!! That's a tender spot! I had a pretty good goose egg going back there and today I saw a decent sized bruise back there and it still hurts really bad. Ugh. I guess one bad thing in a week is nothing to complain about but holy cow- I can't get over how much it hurts.

Thought you'd like to have a laugh. But if it happens to you.... get ready to hurt for a few days.

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  1. your just beating the crap out of your self! Your head your foot.. even trav chipped in for your cheek lol. you need a bubble : )