Sunday, March 1, 2009

Travis: 1, Heather: a slap in the face.

Last night we went to bed much like every other night. Brush our teeth, let the dog out, check the baby, retire fairly peacefully-- only last night there was a minor difference. Travis decided to be a cover hog, which I'm not down with, so I try to take my half of the covers back. HA! Amidst our little cover battle Travis decides to steamroll to one side of the bed taking all the covers with him so I latch on to my little corner of covers and end up in the steamroll too. As we're fighting over the covers I get this wretched slap in the face so I retreat. It stung! Travis, laughing hysterically, asks if that was my cheek because it was "squishy". I said that it was and he laughed even harder and replied "That was the back of the hand too! You just got bitch slapped!" Haha, very funny but THEN he says "that's the first time I've ever laid a hand on a woman." That was too much for me, I lost it and started laughing too, even though I half expected to wake up finding a hand print bruise on my face (which I didn't so that's good).

Just another night in our crazy household.


  1. Sorry babe. Never lay in front of a steamroller!

  2. One time, Chris laid his big ole arm across my face while we were sleeping. I woke up gagging for air.

  3. I lol'd at this and i am in a very public and very quiet place.