Sunday, March 15, 2009

A trip down the stairs.

Well a stair I should say.
I was walking with Sophia down our steps (mind you there are like 4 steps) and on the last one my ankle decided to go one way while the rest of me decided to go the other and both Sophia and I landed on the ground in tears. She is fine, I knew I was going down so my maternal instinct told me to hold her close so she would land on me... at least one of us had a soft landing. She started crying because it scared her and I started crying not only because of the pain but sheer frustration. I sat outside for about 5 minutes and tried to figure out how I was going to get up and into the house. I decided to whip my shoe at our window then just... get up and go. It didn't swell too bad and there's barely a bruise so I know it's not broken or fractured but it sure is swollen today. I've propped it up... no ice but it's not like I can stay off it, I have house work to do and Sophia to chase after. Besides, the more I'm on it walking and standing the better it feels, honestly. As soon as I sit down for a while (even driving) it gets throbbing sore so I think I'd rather deal with very swollen and not so sore vs unbearably sore and no swelling.

.... It just never ends I tell you. I think I'd rather have a slap in the face.

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