Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine Memory. (Thanks to the Bookie Family)

I hate Valentines day. I think it's a waste of a day, personally, but I was just sharing with Travis my most memorable Valentine story.

Probably my favorite holiday story to date.

It was my Senior year of high school. Music Theory class. Bookie came in and asked for our help with his Valentines Day gift for his girlfriend, Michele. He had a box and some heart shaped papers (365 of them) and he wanted our help to fill these hearts with special things for Michele so she could pull one out everyday and have Valentines day 365 days a year. We thought that was mighty cute and very creative. So- gladly we helped.
Needless to say it went over well, Bookie said instead of reading one a day, she read almost, if not all that night (help me out Michele, I can't remember).

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  1. So sweet that this is a favorite memory! I still pull these out to read every once in awhile. I read about half of them the first night, BUT I put them back in, so whenever I would pull another out, I would have to read a few just to get to a new one. It's still fun to go through them..especially some of the ones from you all!