Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wonderful weather but

with that comes unfortunate events.

Our apartment has 2 parking spots. My car takes one, the neighbors the other. Once Trav got his car, he parked in a grassy patch in the front yard to minimize parking problems as the neighbors work 3rd shift and Trav works normal hours. Well. Now that the snow has melted and we've got all this rain, our yard has become a massive mud pit. Where Trav parks is pretty tore up so he parked off to the opposite side of the driveway but still out of the way. As we left to do some errands yesterday..... his car slid down our hill into our yard and seemed to sink. After multiple attempts to get out, I called my tow truck driver (who has saved me a million times) to pull the car out. Tore up the yard pretty bad. Then I get a call from the Landlord (she left a voicemail). We can't park in the yard because it's against the city ordinance not to mention they already have to repair the damage to the yard. I never called her back because I don't want to tell her about our little slip and spin in the other side of the yard. It's not our fault they don't have adequate parking for their tenants. I can't wait for the day we buy our own house. I can only dream of that day it seems.

My doctors appointment has been moved to Feb. 23 instead of March 9. I'm beyond nervous for this appointment.

Sophia is 7 months today!

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  1. Just tell your landlord to eff off. That is what I would do.